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Geology Is Awesome


I’m not that surprised to see people have been interested in Geology for a long time, but it’s nice to see that even a regular family in the 1930’s would enjoy something like a geological survey tour.  This photo is © Grand Canyon National Park.

Geology is such an interesting field to get into and requires some serious commitment and education.  I wouldn’t attempt it unless I was truly prepared for a real career and lifetime commitment; definitely not your job the fly by night, flight of fancy type of attitude.  But that being said it’s still just so cool to look at all of the interesting things that are lying in wait to be discovered just beneath the surface of the earth we walk around on so nonchalantly.  I suppose the furthest back we might consider our geological surveys to originate from would be the barely evolved cave men poking around in the dirt looking for a half decent piece of rock to try and use as a weapon against the dangers of the world around them.  Thankfully we evolved and started to use those rocks as better weapons and combined it with our formidable friend known as “fire” to create real tools for construction (and of course destruction as we are all very well aware of at this point in society).  However I guess the funny thing is, even as we’ve developed our cultures and intelligence and general perception and behavior with each other and the world around us as a whole, it seems like we still highly prize certain precious metals, minerals and pretty gems.  I wonder what cave men would think if they knew back then that a few shiny diamonds would be worth more than a vehicle capable of allowing them to travel for over a hundred thousand miles?


This super cool (did you catch my painfully obvious pun there?) picture of some natural minerals and stones surrounded by ice comes to us from Alan Levine so a big thanks to him for this photo!

I’m not a geologist but those rocks in that picture certainly look a lot more rare and interesting than the random pebbles I see from day to day.  I know that there’s plenty of information out there (of particular note in the US for those interested in surveys) for anyone that wants to learn about geology and the extensive surveys which geologists perform regularly around the world.  While I don’t know if we’ll find the cure for cancer inside of a rock or not, I’m sure that the precious materials in our planet are a boon for just about every industry in the world.  I can’t completely discount it though, maybe it’s just the romantic in me but I have to wonder, since it seems only logical that a cure for the worst diseases that originate on this planet would likely come from this planet as well, and not some magical space rock; hopefully we won’t waste too much more money on space exploration until we’ve perfected faster-than-light travel!


I doubt there’s a better way to close up a fun blog posting about geology than to put up a picture of one of the oldest and most effective tools of the trade (the mighty pickaxe!) for anyone who’s had to dig through some of the tougher parts of earth.  Mike Beauregard.