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The Unknown Value Of Quartz

I’ve recently been doing some research on quartz gems particularly and a little bit on mining history and some other little facts about current events in mining. I’ve found out some pretty interesting information as a result, and I’ve developed a new respect for quartz.


I really like the look of these perfectly polished refined quartz earrings. I might not be as much of a jewelry aficionado as my mother but I couldn’t tell these apart from a high quality diamond. © Naomi King.

While quartz is a great deal more common to be found throughout the Earth than a diamond but also less hard, however to be fair, diamonds are the hardest mineral on the planet so that’s nothing for quartz to be ashamed about! So I went about trying to see what ways that the density or hardness I found myself discovering a measurement system for the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness.  Now according to this scale, quartz is relatively hard, ranked seven out of ten (diamond of course being the hardest) and has been said to fracture and shatter in similar patterns as glass would. I wouldn’t want any piece of jewelry that would break as easily as glass, but something that’s hard enough to withstand a serious fall and still look as beautiful as a diamond is definitely worth considering for adding to any jewelry collection.


This photo is nearly a century old and you can see that a lot has changed since then. I don’t think our world’s miners have quite so cumbersome uniforms, but we probably still make good use of donkeys or other beasts of burden. © Rick Cooper.

It’s pretty intense to imagine how far we’ve come in the past century when it comes to a lot of things in the world. Technology, travel, communication, entertainment, and science have all advanced exponentially, and the world of mining is no exception. However, while safety has been highly bolstered in the past hundred years, we still see serious situations with trapped miners on the news, so the job has never been without danger. Couple this with the natural occurrence of the degenerative respiratory disease called “Black Lung Disease” (typically found in coal miners who have worked in mines for several years) you can see that this career path is definitely not for the faint of heart or weak of spine.


It’s interesting that refined quartz can be sized and shaped and colored in such a variety as this. It reminds me of gems that come from corundum (rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc.) with such diversity, but with a great deal less expense. © Carl Malamud.

With a little research I’ve found out a little more about these color variations and how they come about naturally. If formed in clear water, quartz is usually called mountain crystal or rock crystal.  With other “impurities” added to the development of the quartz, it will cultivate different variations of color. Citrine (one of two names I did remember from this list) is used for yellow and orange quartz, amethyst (the only other I recognized!) is used to refer to purple quartz, while rose-quartz is for pink, milky quartz is for white and black is for smoky quartz. I’m sure that you could probably find out plenty of interesting information with your own research, but hopefully this article will give you a good idea for your next jewelry purchase.

Contemporary And Cool Jewelry

I’m not the most well versed or the best educated or best informed or best skilled when it comes to knowledge of beads or crafting them in general (good luck finding someone that can feel that confident and back it up!) but I think at the very least, I do have good taste.  And lately I’ve been browsing around trying to spot some of the up and coming coolest sites and artists out there.  Most currently I’ve been trying to check out some lovely beads at wholesale price and have had some moderate success as you can probably tell from a single glance at that website in the hyper link there.  I’ve been browsing the jewelry and getting a myriad of ideas for gifts and fun little surprises for friends and family alike as well as I have found out some pretty information regarding quartz and I’ve developed a new respect for Quartz also.


Above you can plainly see this awesome little piece of jewelry comprised of Czech bead work.  It’s really intricate and I’d like to have a piece like this for somebody special, but one thing that’s kind of funny to me is that it has been compared to a butterfly in appearance, while I would argue it’s more like the cute little caterpillar stage of their life cycle.  (This photo is © of Preciosa Ornela).

Now while I’ve been extolling the virtues of these more classic pieces of jewelry as you can see above, I think I should back pedal for a moment and mention that nice website has some of the coolest jewelry with aesthetic elements I can’t quite pin down to any one individual style.  They don’t necessarily have that Czech style as you can see in the photo above, and they don’t quite have as much of a (arguably immature) quality as the bead work in the photo below, but I think their selection tends to strike a fine balance and blend the best of both worlds.  The line between classic and contemporary, retro and new school if you wish to call it, is rather blurred and I think I like that.  I prefer a unique style that strikes out on its own and makes a name for itself rather than just remaining stagnant and trying to reinforce a simple standard that we’ve already come to know and love.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to be loyal to the styles I’ve come to embrace but I think there’s something to be said for finding a new style to enjoy.  Maybe it’s my experience with western culture where I enjoy a melting pot of different cultures but I can’t help but really enjoy a selection that offers a diverse array of options. The Beads are also give the power of courage and Blue sapphire is an alluring blue variety of corundum.


I can’t help but feel such a gleeful little spasm of my childhood, so giddy with joy at the sight of this.  Sean Loyless posted this supremely cool photo of beaded representations of yester year and of the new age’s popular culture.

If you’re not a video game fan such as me then you probably don’t recognize the sight of Pac Man and one of his ghost enemies on that bottom row, with a pair of ghosts from the Super Mario Bros. video game series set beside them!  And above, you can see the popular internet meme “Nyan Cat” as well as a character from the popular Adult Swim animated series, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” in the top left.  I am thoroughly impressed to see someone has been capable of capturing the awesome qualities of the relatively cotemporary (at least for people my age or older!) pieces of 1980’s popular culture (as seen in the representation of Pac Man and the Super Mario Bros. ghosts) as well as the more contemporary aspects of the current generation’s popular culture (as seen in the visage of the Nyan Cat and Aqua Teen Hunger Force character).

Losing a Loved one is never easy we hold their memories in our heart but with the passing of time we forgot their smile and memories. That’s why a hand crafted beads allow you to carry their smile and memory.

I’m happy to see that bead work has been keeping up with the times and that there are businesses out there that are perceptive enough to keep their ears to ground and fingers on the pulse of culture, offering people what they didn’t know that they wanted and needed.